The Dungeon Alaria 2: The Creator’s Daughter Audiobook is Out Now!

A dungeon destroyed. A kingdom collapsed. A reunited family.

Liam has settled into his life on his new home of Alaria with relative ease. He has Elli on one side, and the mother he thought he had lost on the other.

Their time has been spent hard at work with the dungeon, claiming the territories in the local kingdom of Alaria. Meanwhile, Elli is pressing for a more intimate relationship, while barely keeping her own darker urges at bay.

When suddenly the dungeon protecting his mother’s capital city is attacked. Together they must work to reclaim his mother’s kingdom and push back the evil that threatens them all. The Goddess Alaria is in the midst of her own plans, ones that will affect more than just her world.

The world of Alaria is about to undergo its largest change yet. Plots created by both spirits, and Gods are coming to an explosive head.

Will Liam be able to protect all that he holds dear, or will someone prevail in their plot to destroy all he holds dear? Scroll up to buy the thrilling conclusion to the first arc of ‘The Dungeon Alaria’ series and start reading today!

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