Channel Mission

I love to do a variety of different projects and try new things, and the purpose of this channel is to allow me to share those experiences with everyone else.

My goal at this time is simply to do what interests me. I have experience with fixing electrical issues in computers, game consoles, and more. Though it has been a while since I did any of those things seriously. It is what I did as work for many years.

A lot of this channel will involve us learning together throughout the project, and little of what I do will be perfect.

I am a full-time author just trying to make ends meet, so please take a chance and read my books. I love writing and health issues have gotten in the way of me working normal jobs.

Things you may find on this channel: Models being built for by a newb, Electronics being fixed by someone with shaky hands, Book chapter readings(my books), And more. It is also my hope to include reviews on technology that I enjoy or deem useful as well.

Here is the link to the channel or simply click on to the image to the side.
Exyled Miscellaneous Projects

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