The Nameless Chronicles

Siblings with a secret. Portals to different worlds. A world in need of magic

Zack and his younger sister, Zara, have had to fight for every scrap of food and luck that has ever come their way. All of that changes when Zack awakens as a Traveler.

As a Traveler, Zack holds the key to changing his small family’s fractured fate, and for his sister, he’ll risk everything.

The dangers that await him in the mystic realm of the portals, where ancient powers still linger, aren’t the only thing he needs to be wary of. Nobles, both good and bad, have learned of them as well.

The portals provide a way to fight back, to become stronger than their foes, to capture the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Zack will do anything to keep his sister safe, and it’s time to prove it.

Thankfully, magic has a way of evening the odds…

Destiny has approached. A painful past is explored. School is in session.

Zack and Zara have survived their first brush with nobles at the Academy. An experience that has left them trapped, lost inside a portal they were forced to enter.

If they can make it back, it will be their turn to make the rules and create some havoc.

Together they have grown stronger, pushing back against their past, and now they have something new, a friend. The portals which gave them a way to fight back, to claim the life they always wanted, have done more than that.

It brought them into the spotlight and made Zara a princess.

Everything is changing. Now they just have to survive what comes next.

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