The Dungeon Alaria

A college freshman. A beautiful princess. A kingdom on the brink.

Join Liam in the adventure of his life as he and his house are pulled into a brand-new world.
Liam always thought his mother died in an accident when he was a child.
He was wrong.
But hey, at least the fridge now comes with an infinite supply of orange juice.

A dungeon destroyed. A kingdom collapsed. A reunited family.

Liam has settled into his life on his new home of Alaria with relative ease. He has Elli on one side, and the mother he thought he had lost on the other.

Their time has been spent hard at work with the dungeon, claiming the territories in the local kingdom of Alaria. Meanwhile, Elli is pressing for a more intimate relationship, while barely keeping her own darker urges at bay.

A college freshman. A beautiful princess. A kingdom on the brink.

University freshman Liam was lying in bed when his house started to shake. Two moons appeared overhead and a jungle where his urban backyard had been moments before. Stranded in a new world with only his house and the items inside it, Liam must survive.

Attacked by violent forces, he won’t get far without the help of someone who can give him answers. One such party does exist, the kingdom’s dazzling, wayward princess.

Encased in a thick corrupting miasma, the world of Alaria now needs new heroes.

Should Liam hope to survive, he’ll have to save this world while he’s at it.

This series is set in the same universe as ‘The Game of Gods’ and contains elements of Gamelit.
This is a Box Set that contains the first two books in ‘The Dungeon Alaria’ series.

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