Refton & Thomas

Family secrets are about to be revealed, but first they have to find the truth. Why were they forgotten?

James Refton is an insecure 20-year-old still living at home with his sick grandfather. A man who wants him to leave his familiar stomping grounds and move on with his life.

When his childhood friend Lexie is unexpectedly thrust back into his life, and a secret involving the death of her parents is revealed. James must step up to support her during their journey of self-discovery and adventure into the unknown.

Together they head to France. Where they discover that the history of their families is far more intertwined than they ever imagined.

Will they be able to learn the rest of her family’s secrets while dodging bullets through the countryside of Europe? Can James overcome his insecurities and support Lexie when every step they take is more uncertain than the last?

A fast-paced, page-turning novel of secrets, family, and deception in unlikely places from author Joshua Kern.

(This is the second edition of the book.)

“Jay is missing!” Were the words that woke Lexie up late one night. Three months into their separate training to be spies and he vanishes without a word. Jay’s sudden disappearance shocks Lexie and sets off a chain reaction of escalating events that no-one could have seen coming.

Except maybe someone did, in fact maybe everything was a set up from the beginning.

It turns out being spies is not as easy as everyone likes to think it is, especially when you haven’t finished training. Long sleepless nights and being constantly active are the only constant staples in their new lives.

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