My Books

The Game of Gods

A destroyed world. A man and his dog. The gods are going to have some fun.
The gods have gotten bored, and humanity is the answer.

The Nameless Chronicles

Siblings with a secret. Portals to different worlds. A world in need of magic.

What begins as a fresh start soon attracts the attention of nobles and those with less savory intentions.

Destiny awaits through the portals horizon.

Stand Alone Novels

People called them different things when they first appeared, Walkers, Cryptids, Infected, the Ridden, the most popular was also the least apt, Zombies.

The Dungeon Alaria

A college freshman. A beautiful princess. A kingdom on the brink.
Join Liam in the adventure of his life as he and his house are pulled into a brand-new world.
But hey, at least the fridge now comes with an infinite supply of orange juice.

Refton & Thomas

Some heroes are remembered, others are forgotten!

Family secrets are about to be revealed, but first they have to find the truth. Why were they forgotten?

The Well Within

Kaitlyn was supposed to be alone that night, no one else should have been there. She was wrong, and Jack paid the price.

Game of Gods Universe Reading Order

Game of Gods 1: The Beginning
The Dungeon Alaria 1
Game of Gods 2: The Death of Champions
Game of Gods 3: Fragments
The Dungeon Alaria 2: The Creator’s Daughter
Game of Gods 3.5: A Tower Novella
Game of Gods 4: Pieces of Divinity
The Nameless Chronicles 1: Portals of Albion
The Nameless Chronicles 2: Portals of Change
Game of Gods 5: ??

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