Book Updates

I just released the first book in an urban fantasy series called ‘The Well Within’. It can be found on Amazon here.

The last book in my ‘Game of Gods’ series has also been written and is currently being uploaded to my Patreon four times a week. I have another story called ‘DungeonFall’ that is being uploaded to my Patreon two times a week on top of that.

Upon a fan’s request, I now have signed paperback and hardback versions available upon request. If that is something you are interested in, then please feel free to reach out to me.

The Game of Gods Universe Reading Order:
Game of Gods 1: The Beginning
The Dungeon Alaria 1
Game of Gods 2: The Death of Champions
Game of Gods 3: Fragments
The Dungeon Alaria 2: The Creator’s Daughter
Game of Gods 3.5: A Tower Novella
Game of Gods 4: Pieces of Divinity
The Nameless Chronicles 1: Portals of Albion
The Nameless Chronicles 2: Portals of Change
Game of Gods 5: ??

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