ONEXPLAYER AMD 5800U version!

I was asked to share by the people from the onexplayer team.

The configuration of onexplayer Mini amd version is equipped with AMD RYZEN 7 5800u processor, which is manufactured by 7nm process, 8 cores and 16 threads, with a maximum turbo frequency able to reach 4.4ghz and 16MB three-level cache. It is worth mentioning that AMD RYZEN 7 5800u adopts a new zen3 architecture. Compared with the previous generation zen2 architecture, the processor single core performance is improved by about 19% and the dual core performance is improved by about 21%.

The RAM memory adopts 16GB dual channel LPDDR4 with a frequency of 4266mhz, and the hard disk is NVMe solid state disk with m.2 2280 specification, which supports pcie3 0x4, optional 512gb / 1TB / 2TB.

The buttons layout of controllers of onexplayer Mini amd version. It chooses the classic dislocation layout same as onexplayer mini version, adopts the Alps E-sports joysticks, complete linear analog triggers and micro bumper keys originally manufactured in Japan, and the handle holding part on the back adopts S-shaped curve design, which is in line with ergonomics. Holding and playing for a long time can effectively reduce the fatigue of fingers.

The screen of onexplayer Mini amd version adopts a 7-inch full fit IPS screen with a native resolution of 1280 * 800. It supports point-to-point scaling and 10 points touch. The 800p resolution allows players to get a higher FPS rate game experience; In addition, the official also provides a native 1920 * 1200 resolution version for players to purchase freely.

The battery uses time of onexplayer Mini amd. we chose a 48wh support fast charging battery, equipped with 65W GaN PD adapter as standard, and can use the mobile power bank which supporting PD protocol (voltage > 5V) to supply power at any time, so that players can play games anytime and anywhere.

The top of onexplayer Mini amd version is equipped with a usb-c 3.2 interface, a usb-a 3.0 interface and a very advanced 3.5mm audio interface; The bottom of the device is equipped with a usb-c 3.2 interface. it’s a full-function interface supports video output. It can also be connected to the onexplayer customized base docking station to bring more powerful expansion functions.

Since the release of the first generation 8.4-inch products on May 18, 2021, onexplayer series handheld game console has maintained a high update speed. At present, it has officially released and sold the first generation of 8.4-inch onexplayer with Intel processor, i7-1195g7 version onexplayer 1s, onexplayer amd version with AMD RYZEN 7 4800u and 5700u processor, and 7-inch onexplayer mini version with i7-1195g7 officially released in December 2021.

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