November Update/Newsletter

Hi everyone,

It’s a new month, and Halloween has already come and gone. I’m still writing, and I have a few updates to let you all know about.

First, in case you missed it, the audiobook for ‘The Ridden’ is now available. Grab a copy and leave a review or a rating, if you do, they help more than most people realize.

Second, the first book in ‘The Aperra Chronicles’ is done, or at least the first draft is. I’ve already started on the second book as well. I’ve commissioned a cover for the book, so I won’t have a firm release date for the book until I get that.

Thirdly, I have also commissioned covers for the re-releases of the ‘Refton & Thomas’ series. I’m still in the middle of rewriting them, but I’m trying to get ahead on that one.

As the fourth item, I have gotten Neil Hellegers to narrate the second book in ‘The Dungeon Alaria’ series. So look forward to that happening soon.

Lastly, I’ve been in contact with Podium, and it looks like the ‘Game of Gods 4’ audiobook will be coming out early next year sometime. Not sure what the delay was, but things happen.

That’s about it for now, and I hope everyone is doing well.

Stay safe!

Joshua Kern

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