AutoFull Gaming Chair Review – 1 Year

One year ago, I purchased the ‘AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair with Height Adjustment, Footrest,Headrest and Lumbar Support E-Sports Swivel Chair’ which ishow it is listed on Amazon.

It is supposedly made out of leather, and maybe parts of it are I don’t know, but mostly I would say pleather at best. What this stand out from the other chairs I was looking at however was the maximum weight recommendation which is listed as 350 Pounds. Now I am not that heavy, but I am over 300 pounds most of the time. It just comes with the territory of being 6’7 and having a big build to begin with. Most chairs usually seem to top out at 250 or maybe 300 for the most part.

So, when I saw this one it naturally went to the top of my list.

Originally, I was fairly impressed with what I was getting for the price. Everything felt solid while I was putting it together, and to be fair parts of it still are, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First off, and maybe I should have realized this beforehand, being as tall as I am. The footrest is absolutely useless. Fully extended it hits just under my knees, and it can’t handle any weight. Not to mention that it is also too low anyway. So that ended being an extra wasted chunk of money for something I can’t even use.

Now the main thing everyone cares when it comes to a chair is how comfortable they are, and this one is comfortable! I wish the lumbar pillow was a bit to a lot stiffer at times, but for the most part I have been able to sit in this chair for hours on end everyday for the last year in respectable comfort.

Now, here are the two main issues I have with the chair outside of the stupid footrest, since that one was kind of on me for being an optimist. First the chair rocks from side to side and it has something to so with either piston, or how it connects to the chair. Either way, it is very annoying and more than once I’ve worried that something was actually broken with the chair. There isn’t. It’s just… off.

Second, the chair back can be locked at different angles. I like this feature, but it gets spongey after a while. I like to have it back a little bit while I work and then depend on the natural reclining motion of the chair for rest. Lately even with it locked, the back has still been going back more. I have a few issues with that, all of which I hope are obvious.

Overall, it has been a decent chair, but for what I paid for it certainly didn’t expect to be thinking of looking for another one after only a year.

The AutoFull Chair on Amazon

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