The Ridden Audiobook is Out Now!

Hi everyone, I just got an awesome email from Audible telling me that the audiobook version of The Ridden is now live!

People called them different things when they first appeared: Walkers, Cryptids, Infected, the Ridden. The most popular was also the least apt, Zombies.

Sands from across the ocean blew in and covered everything in a fine dusting of granules, as they did every year. But this year they carried with them an infectious spore that infected anything that breathed.

Animal or human, it showed no favorites and infected them all. If people were lucky, they retained the ability to think. If they weren’t, they became little more than monsters hungry for more spores.

Chris stumbled out of his cheap motel room after the worst night of his life and straight into the apocalypse.

This is not your normal zombie apocalypse story, as Chris was about to find out. It’s not the monsters he needs to worry about.

It’s the humans.




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