Forgotten Spies – Prologue (YA Spy Thriller)

Lexie held the letter from the safe deposit box with trembling hands in front of her. This age marked envelope contained the secrets they had been looking for. The sound of tearing paper filled the room as she ripped it open and carefully unfolded the paper inside. The contents of the box were everything they had been hoping for and more.

“Do you know what this means?” Lexie asked, after reading the letter aloud to Jay. Her eyes were glistening with unshed tears while her cheeks were wet with those that had already fallen.

Jay nodded silently, in shock at what she had read. “We know who my parents are now. Your grandpa was wrong like we thought!” He managed to utter after a moment, his voice thick with emotion.

The cold click of a hammer being cocked on a gun echoed through the room, bringing them back to reality. “Is that really something the two of you should be worrying about right now?”

Jay stilled, as next to him Lexie barely dared to breathe. Slowly, they both swallowed in fear, before turning to see who had joined them.

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