What Are Good Fantasy Books For 12 Year Olds

Here is a quick list of five fantasy and litrpg books meant for a younger crowd of readers.

Ruins of Majesta: Vol. 1 – Blood and Cupcakes By Taj McCoy El (2 Books)
There’s no problem a cupcake can’t solve.
M.I.T. calls her a genius, her mother calls her Cupcake, her buddies call her Princess Cuddle Fluff and she’s here to kick butt and blow stuff up. At least until she realizes she’s stuck.

Fairy Knights: The Beginning By Dames Handsome (3 Books)
Ching Goo and Oma Bell are fairy kids. Rick is a hamster with rock-hard abs. Together they are the Fairy Knights – special kids (and a hamster!) with the power to do good! 

Homerooms and Hall Passes By Tom O’Donnell
In the mystical realm of Bríandalör, every day the brave and the bold delve into hidden temples or forgotten dungeons, battling vile monsters and evil wizards to loot their treasure hoards for sweet, sweet magic items.

Sacred Cat Island: (A LitRPG Progression Fantasy Story) By Harmon Cooper
When Rowan and Toro are brought to Sacred Cat Island by their father, the two brothers expect to hate the place. They quickly discover that the island has untold mysteries and magical secrets just waiting to be explored. What starts as a small quest quickly turns into the adventure of a summer as the two brothers help their father open a general store, befriend the villagers, and find themselves in the middle of an epic mystery that has to be solved before they go back to the mainland.

The Last Oracle: The White Mage Saga #1 (The Chronicles of Lumineia) By Ben Hale (5 Books)
Forced into hiding, the mages of Lumineia have been forgotten. In their absence the world has become known by another name, Earth. The humans have flourished with time, unaware that The Last Oracle is destined to unite them. At her touch magic will be unbound, and known again as truth.

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