A Girl So Blue Variation 2

I wrote this years ago, and there are two versions of it. This is the second and slightly less dark version.

There once was a girl so small and blue,

Whose parents died by the flames so true,

She cried and wailed, her tears falling free,

Her glistening eyes held feelings of fear,

She was now alone with no one to care,

Her falls went untended,

Her triumphs unknown,

Her skin grew sallow, while her hair became stringy,

An unwashed mass that was now hardly a girl,

The rage within growing hot and fierce,

Her eyes began to glow, scaring those who might help,

With a clap and a roar, she let it all go,

The world would now know how her parents had burned.

Flames that burned all with flickers of blue,

She stood tall, as a wicked grin grew,

She was alone, scared but not afraid,

The world was now hers, and hers all alone.

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