A Girl So Blue Variation 1

I wrote this years ago, and there are two versions of it. One (this one) slightly darker than the other.

There once was a girl so small and sad, whose parents died by the flames so blue,

She cried and wailed, for she was now alone,

There was no one to pick her up when she fell,

There was no one to congratulate her triumphs,

Until there was,

He was tall, with thick red skin,

Horns of black sprouted from his head, crowning stormy eyes of grey,

She grew and learned the wonders of magic,

Flames that ate, ice that withered, light that killed,

Through it all, he was there training her, molding her,

Gleefully, she took control of her powers,

People fell by the waves, until only he remained,

Then with an empty laugh she burned him as well,

His red leathery skin turned black and crisped from the unholy heat,

With a roar of pain, he fell to his knees and his eyes began to glow red,

A tail sprouted, and his feet transformed into cloven hooves,

With a roar of gleeful rage, he stood before the still small girl and laughed at her impotence,

Her training had just begun!

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