Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Review

I recently got my hands on a slightly older model of the Microsoft Surface, and while I like it, I do have to wonder. Why would any company in this day and age even offer a model with 4GB’s of RAM?! Honestly, you can not do anything with so little RAM, after Windows takes a chunk of it you are left with only a little to run your browser or other programs. It is a problem, and frankly a stupid decision on their part.

It is also the largest issue I have with the laptop. Kind of.

The other main issue I have has less to do with design and more to do with components. The laptop no longer sees it’s Wifi and Bluetooth chip/card. Apparently, from what I was told is that it had been working fine up until a Microsoft Windows 10 update disabled it, or something. Regardless of how, the system no longer sees it, and I have to use a USB Wifi adapter taking up the only USB port on the laptop.

I have booted into Linux and even reset the OS, and still, it doesn’t see the Wifi or Bluetooth. It is actually dead at this point, and I am not going to take apart the laptop for an in-depth look.

What I do like though, is the screen and the keyboard.

The main issue I have always had with typing on laptops is that the keyboards always feel off. It was more annoying than anything, and something always tickles at the back of my mind. Not is not an issue I have with the Surface. I actually like this keyboard and typing on it even feels nice.

It’s a good machine, even if it is slightly old at this point. It does have issues, but overall I really like the Surface Pro 5 and will be looking to buy a new one with better specs at some point in the future.

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